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  Maggie's movies

    Maggie's TV shows

  • Open Season - Character: Cary Sain - 1995
    Images   Images   Images   Images

  • Junior - Character: Lab Assistant - 1994

  • Crazy People - Character: Connie Vega-Margolis - 1990

  • Murder in Paradise - Character: Diane Mahona - 1990

  • Last Emperor - Character: Eastern Jewel - 1987

  • Murder, She Wrote - Character: "Nobu Hitaki" - 1995-1996

  • Diagnosis Murder - Character: "Sunshine" - 1993-1994

  • Black Tie Affair - Character: "Cookie" (regular) - 1993

  • Seinfeld - Character: Cheryl - Episode: The Visa - Broadcast date: January 27, 1993

  • Teech - Character: "Cassie Lee" - 1991

  • Dark Avenger - Character: "Rae Wong" - 1990

  • Murder in Paradise - Character: "Dr Diane Mahona" - 1990

  • Murphy's Law - Character: "Kimiko Fannuchi" - 1988

  • LA Law - 1986

  • James A. Michener's "Space" - Character: "Cindy Rhee" - 1985

    Maggie's commercials for L'eggs

During the 80's, the L'eggs company used four Asian spokesmodels for their TV commercials. They were: Helen Selby, Maggie Han, Angela Harry, and a model with the first name of Arianne. In the list below, I am trying to match up the models with the commercials. Please see the images - would appreciate any help identifying the models.

Images   Images

    Helen Selby

1   Helen in a white gown against a city skyline, 1981 (30 sec).
Voice: "It was born in the Orient... "

3   Helen in a salmon colored dress, on couch. (30 sec)
Voice: "In the Orient..."

5   Helen in a white dress, sitting in a bamboo chair. (10 sec)
Voice: "It looks like silk, it feels like silk..."

    Maggie Han

2   Maggie in a pink dress on a tan couch, puts on a blindfold (30 sec)
Longer version of blindfold commercial
Voice: "Take the Leggs Sheer Elegance touch test... "

4   Maggie in a plum dress, next to Samurai. (15 sec) Shorter version of Samurai commercial.
Voice: "Now with the look and feel of silk from the Orient... "

9   Magie in a pink dress on a tan couch, puts on a blindfold. (15 sec)
Shorter version of blindfold commercial.
Voice: "Take the Leggs Sheer Elegance touch test... "

10   Maggie in Asian style dresses, with banners. (30 sec)
Longer version of Samurai commercial.
Voice: "Touch it, feel the sensation..."

    To be determined

6   ? in a pink dress, wearing large hat, holds fan, 1984.
Voice: "Now, pride for your legs..."

7   ? steps out of limousine, black and white dress.
Song: "She's got legs... "

8   ? is in a spy movie, takes off in helicopter.
Voice: "Some occasions call for a pantyhose..."

    Arianna last name?

11   Arianna with black dress on couch, men in formal wear. (30 sec)
Voice: "She's got theater legs... "

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